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Motto: The purpose of our work is not just delivering translation services. We want to provide our clients with solutions which will be useful for them. Our translation agency is known for its flexibility and attention to clients' needs. We bring all projects to a successful conclusion, keep our promises, and stay true to our word. We do our jobs so that we can be proud of them.

Terms and Conditions







Terms and Conditions

• General terms and conditions of providing service are governed by the Commercial Code.

• All information contained in a job is considered strictly confidential.

• Jobs are charged by standard pages (SP); one standard page is defined as 1,800 characters (30 lines at 60 characters).

• Job submission: The original text for translation can be submitted by e-mail, through our on-line form, by post or personally at our office. A CD or paper copy are both accepted as data carriers. Our standard translation capacity is 6 - 7 SP per day.

• We will only accept and confirm a written order (also sent by e-mail, fax, etc.) containing the client's billing information and shipping address, the name of the person placing the order and a precise specification of requested services. Upon order confirmation, the order becomes binding for both parties.

• If a text for translation contains any specialized terms, special corporate terminology, less common or a client's own abbreviations, etc., the client shall provide a list of relevant terms in the target language and any supporting materials, or enable consultation on the terminology with a competent employee. If the client does not do so, any complaints concerning the incorrect use of terminology shall not be accepted.

• Job processing: Translations and proofreadings are executed in the MS-Word text editor, MS-Excel table processor and in the programmes Adobe Acrobat (PDF files) and MS-PowerPoint. Web projects can be translated directly in html code at a surcharge. Upon request, translated or proofread files can be delivered in the PDF format.

• Job finalization: The completed job can be delivered by e-mail, fax, post (on a data medium or printed out) or personally. Printing is available in the A3 and A4 format on an ink-jet printer (black and white, or in colour) or in the A4 format on a laser printer (black and white). Upon request, you can have your job delivered by messenger.

• Payment: After the job is delivered to you in the requested form (e-mail, fax, printed copy, etc.), you will be invoiced for our services. When ordering a job with a preliminary price over 10,000 CZK, new customers are requested to pay 50 % of the total expected price for the translation at the beginning of job processing, or after they receive a sample of translated text.

• Warranty: The agency is liable for the translation and accuracy of the calculated price only up to the actual price of the job. The agency is not liable for any subsequent damage incurred by the client as a result of incorrect translation and for any mistakes in the translation made due to the client's fault (illegible text, unclear words and words with double meanings, etc.).

• Complaints: The client shall check the completed job without undue delay upon its receipt (within seven days) and inform the agency of any defects. Defects are in this case defined as specific deviations from the agreed extent, format or quality. The complaint shall be lodged in writing immediately after the defects are discovered, the defects shall be precisely marked, and a solution to the complaint suggested. The agency will draw up a warranty report with the client, examine the character of the defect and, if needed, ensure an independent assessment (by a sworn translator). Based on the findings, it will decide how to resolve the complaint (adequate discount on the job price and the correction of mistakes).

• Copyright to translations: Translation copyright is transferred to the client, and the client is entitled to freely dispose of the translation. The agency expressly waives any claims to the translation. The agency always assumes that copyright to the translated text belongs to the client and is not liable for any violation of third parties' rights.

• Other services are invoiced upon their completion.

• Invoices are due in 14 days. The late payment fine is 0.05 % for each day of delay.

• We are VAT payers, but we can invoice without VAT to VAT non-payers.

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