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Motto: The purpose of our work is not just delivering translation services. We want to provide our clients with solutions which will be useful for them. Our translation agency is known for its flexibility and attention to clients' needs. We bring all projects to a successful conclusion, keep our promises, and stay true to our word. We do our jobs so that we can be proud of them.

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Consecutive Interpreting
Consecutive interpreting is an important branch of interpreting - the interpreter usually waits for the speaker to deliver part of his message and then interprets it.

An interpreter's work is demanding in terms of promptness and speed, but compared to translating it does not require as much accuracy. In fact, the interpreter should not be too meticulous, as he primarily has to interpret the spirit of the message, aware that it may be partially simplified. It is not his task to interpret the speaker's individual style (even though a good interpreter is able to evoke this illusion, and even the illusion of a normal conversation).

In order for the interpreter to do a good job, he should have good working conditions: receive relevant materials in advance (particularly if it is a specialized topic - terminology), be familiarized with all important circumstances of the session, and ideally, he should also get to know the place where he is going to interpret.

Simultaneous Interpreting
Services of simultaneous interpreters are often used at international conferences, where speakers speak in their native language or an approved official language, while interpreters in sound-proof booths interpret their message into other languages, so that every participant can choose which language he wants to hear in his headphones. Simultaneous interpreting with the use of interpreting equipment is called booth interpreting. Simultaneous, as well as consecutive interpreting, is among the most mentally demanding activities, therefore interpreters should regularly switch off interpreting (after approximately 20 minutes).

Our agency offers:

- consecutive interpreting in the following languages:

English, German, Russian, French, Danish

- simultaneous interpreting in the following languages::

English, German



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