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Sworn Translations

• So called "sworn translations", "certified translations" or "legalized translations" in the following languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Danish.

Do you need a sworn translation but our office is too far for you? No problem, send your documents (notarized copies) for translation by post! We will send the completed job back to your address.

the original document is an integral part of the sworn translation file, which is bound together in a notarial way - with a seal. The sworn translation file is submitted as a whole for whatever purposes needed. Therefore, if you don't want to loose your original document (birth certificate, school report, marriage certificate, etc.) by submitting the sworn translation file to the relevant authorities,

we recommend that you get a notarized copy of it before ordering your translation, and carefully save your original!

  • Sworn translations, also called "legalized translations", are translations made by sworn translators which are needed by citizens for documenting various facts provided in foreign-language or Czech documents, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, for courts, authorities, state bodies, and business communications. Sworn translators are appointed by a relevant court and bound to maintain confidentiality about any information contained in the translations.
  • A sworn translation file always consists of the original document in the source language (or a notarized copy thereof), the translation and a Clause of Interpretership with an official round stamp certifying that the translation agrees verbatim with the original document (or a notarized copy thereof). The entire sworn translation file is bound together in a notarial way (with a string and a seal).
  • These sworn translations meet the requirements of documents for official needs, but also ensure that, for example, translation of a business contract or other legally binding document agrees verbatim with the original, which eliminates possible damage arising from an inaccurate translation. 
  • Sworn translation can be made for any type of document.
  • Certified translations are most commonly made of the following documents:

- birth certificates
390 CZK
  - trade permit certificates
by volume
- school reports
500 CZK
  - trade licenses
390 CZK
- marriage certificates
390 CZK
  - copies of an entry in the Commercial Register
600 CZK
- divorce certificates
by volume
  - certificates of tax registration
390 CZK
- death certificates
390 CZK
  - certificates of no liabilities
390 CZK
- probate proceedings documents
by volume
  - work contracts
by volume
- testaments
by volume
  - tax returns
by volume
- court judgments
by volume
  - certificates
by volume
- notarial deeds
by volume
  - certificates of study
390 CZK
- statements of criminal records
390 CZK
  - Articles of Incorporation
by volume
- diplomas
390 CZK
  - Memorandum of Association
by volume
  • Price for a sworn translation consists of a standard translation price, according to the number of standard pages, plus a sworn translation surcharge per SP. Sworn translation in common languages costs only 390 CZK/SP.
  • If you wish to have your translation sent by registered mail within the Czech Republic, we charge 80 CZK for shipping and handling.
  • If you wish to have your translation sent by cash on delivery within the Czech Republic, we charge a fee of 100 CZK.

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